National Full Travel Competitive All Star Cheer Teams
Vizion All Stars teams consist of boys and girls from the area whose sole purpose is that of competition. The all stars compete locally and nationally across the country against other all star teams. Each routine is set entirely to music to demonstrate a variety of dance, tumbling and stunting skills at an elite level. Teams are avaliable for all skill level and ages 3-18.

Non Travel and Prep Competitive All Star Cheer Teams
Non travel and prep teams compete just as the National Teams do but without the expense of travel.

School Team Tumbling
School Team Tumbling is offered to both Junior High and High School cheer teams. Team tumbling gives school teams a chance to work on their tumbling skills with Vizion advanced tumbling coaching staff. Coaches, please e-mail for pricing and time availability.

Open Gym
Open Gym gives athletes a chance to drop by the gym on their own time and work with Vizion coaches on their jumps, tumbling and stunting skills. Open gym is free to Vizion All Stars competitive full and non travel cheer team members and only $10 for prep cheer team members and athletes that are not members of any Vizion All Stars cheer team.  


Schedule starting September 6th:

(always check CALENDAR tab for updates/closures)

8 - 9 pm  Open Gym ($10, Vizion Full- and Non-Travel  athletes free)


Schedule starting Sept. 10th:

(always check CALENDAR tab for weekly updates or closures)

8:30 - 9 am- Jumps ($5)

9 - 10 am - Flyer/Flex ($10)

 This class will consist of flyer technique, core and flex training.  It will focus on body control while in the air, full downs, double downs, basket drills, and the correct way to pull body positions.

10 - 11 am - Open Gym ($10, Vizion Full- and Non-Travel athletes free)

11 - 12 noon - Front Tumbling ($10)

This class will consist of FRONT tumbling only.  It will focus on Forward Rolls, Cartwheels Front Hand Springs, Punch Fronts, Front Layouts, Front Fulls, and Front Combo Passes. NO backwards tumbling will be worked in this class.

12 - 1 pm Coed Stunt ($10)

This class is open to all males and females who would like to learn how to coed stunt.